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Metabolic/Lactic Threshold Test


Why you need to complete an INSCYD metabolic/Lactic Threshold test

The performance you are looking for is composed of a variety of components and metrics, but if you focus only on FTP/power output or heart rates zones, you’ll miss out on accuracy and efficiency. Your metabolic test will help you to identify your individual rate limiters and the specific areas of your physiology you need to sharpen to achieve your goals. Finally, you have access to a test that's no longer just for the pros. It's for anyone that wants to train smarter, not harder - everyone!

What are the key benefits of a metabolic/Lactic Threshold test?

Physiology Breakdown

Provides you with a comprehensive look at the layers of your physiology that enable your actual performance.

Steps to Improve

Explains what your performance is composed of and what you can do to increase it.

Helpful Predictions

Lets you project future performances based on training improvements.

Performance Insights

Understand the interaction between your aerobic system and your fueling needs so you can answer “How much should I consume per hour in order to maintain my performance?”.

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The Results

INSCYD takes into account and connects the most important metrics for training purposes:

  • VO2max – maximum aerobic capacity

  • VLamax – maximum glycolytic (anaerobic) capacity

  • Anaerobic threshold and how it is composed

  • Accumulation of Lactate and how quickly you can recover from it

  • Fat combustion rate across intensities and FatMax

  • Carbohydrate combustion during training & racing across intensities

  • Economy – how much energy you need at a given speed

Each of the above metrics is measured by INSCYD and is critical for your performance. Remember: each sport performance is predictable and can be broken down into these fundamental elements.

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How It Works

  • You need to book an appoint and be dressed to test on time

  • Bring your riding shoes and athletic/cycling clothes to wear during the test

  • Bring some water or sports drink to stay hydrated

  • Assessment takes about 2 hours to complete

  • You’ll warm-up and then complete a series of prescriptive intervals on a fully adjustable bike


The Results

  • You’ll immediately receive a report to review with the lab technician and can discuss any questions you have

    • You'll get key metrics to help you create the most effective individual training plan for your next event

    • Insights into your metabolic efficiency to properly fuel your body for maximum performance