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Precise data, unique to you, with actionable insights that empower you to realize your potential. We believe science and technology are integral in helping you to breakthrough to your goals. The truth is that most methodologies work, but choosing the wrong one will cost you time and missed opportunities. Leading edge science and technology will deliver the best data to enable you to pick the right methodology for you. Our suite of performance testing services will give you the data you need to best inform your journey.

DEXA Body Composition Scan


Why is a DEXA scan essential to your health and fitness journey?

Whether you are a dieter, athlete or fitness enthusiast, DEXA scans are the gold standard in measuring the key elements of body composition: bone, fat and muscle tissue. Measurably more accurate that alternative methods (Bioimpedance, Bod Pod, and hydrostatic weighing), DEXA scans tell you exactly where and how much fat and lean muscle you have in precise regions of your body. This lets you visualize and pinpoint the specific impact of a new training or diet plan could have on targeted areas of your body.

What are the key benefits of a dexa scan?

Eliminate the guessing game

Know where and how to target your specific areas to reach your health and fitness goals

Unrivaled accuracy

Scales don’t give you the detail and alternative methods can have a margin of error on key metrics of 5-15%

Progress you can see

Get a baseline so you can track how your targeted training and diet plan are helping you achieve your goals

Know your risks

Understand your bone health as well as visceral adipose tissue (VAT) or visceral fat which help to identify personal long term health risks

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The Results

Two women, who both weigh 157lbs, can have completely different body compositions, but the scale won’t tell you that. A DEXA scan will let you find where that fat is hiding, which muscles need more attention, and if you may need to pay more attention to your bone health or visceral fat.


How it works and How to Prepare

DEXA scan is a dual-energy x-ray performed on a hospital grade GE machine. In other words, it uses a very weak x-ray to scan every inch of your body from multiple angles to specifically map your body composition. It takes about 6-10 minutes and you just need to lay on the scanning table. Here’s a quick overview:

  • Make a 30-minute appointment and arrive on time

  • Remove any metal jewelry and/clothing with a high metal content (underwires are fine), but you’ll remain clothed

  • Lay on the scanner for a quick scan

  • Immediately review and discuss your results with the lab technician

  • Price: $150

  • New client price: $120


Other considerations

The DEXA scan is often the first piece of the puzzle that most people choose, but what about what your unique caloric signature and ideal training zones for exercise? A resting metabolic rate (RMR) test and VO2 Max test can give you that exact information to best set you up to achieve your goals.